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With a lot of people’s finances more stretched than ever before, the Budgeting loan contact number is now one of the most dialled helplines offered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This is due to the fact that many people who are claiming welfare payments can be struggling to make end meets on most weeks – but the scheme is in place to help those who have been hit with an unexpected payment to be due. This can be for a whole range of things – but one call the Budgeting Loan team can help change things.

Phone number for Budgeting Loan – (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 5040 492

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For help with Crisis Loans, visit CrisisLoanHelp.com, who are able to offer advice on everything from Short Term Benefit Advances through to Community Care Grants.

Budgeting Loan opening times? always closed Saturday/Sunday

Office opening hours 8am – 6pm
Office opening hours 8am – 6pm
Office opening hours 8am – 6pm
Office opening hours 8am – 6pm
Office opening hours 8am – 6pm

What can the Budgeting Loan number team help me with?

Set up exclusively for those who are claiming benefits, the Budgeting Loan contacting team deal with people dialling in order to try and get a one off sum. Any financial sum loaned out is then
taken back through future benefits payments, and can be subsidised over the course of 2 years if necessary. Thankfully, the people who man the helpline should be able to walk each applicant through this entire process and explain all of the terms and conditions associated with taking out a loan with the DWP.

Since the prior crisis loan scheme was closed down by the government following reshuffles within the DWP, the budgeting loan has been the main tool through which people claiming welfare can receive a one-off sum in order to bridge a shortfall in their finances. There are, however, a variety of restrictions on this – including the amount in personal savings that a claimant can have while still being eligible to claim – but the Budgeting Loan number team should be able to advise on this.

Can the Budgeting Loan number team tell me about eligibility?

The most obvious exemptions are on what a loan can be taken out for. There are only very specific circumstances in which a budgeting loan will be approved, and these are currently classed as needing money for the following

  • rent for your accommodation or housing
  • necessary furniture
  • necessary household equipment
  • clothing (such as shirts, trousers, dresses)
  • footwear
  • Budgeting loan phone numberremoval expenses (for those who are having to move home)
  • travelling expenses (for getting to a new job or for picking up children)
  • equipment that will aid your search for work
  • necessary DIY/home maintenance
  • repayment of hire purchase debts
  • maternity expenses
  • funeral expenses
  • repayment of debts for anything listed here

Of course, the Budgeting Loan contact team should be able to advise on each of these. Their helpline team are able to manage calls from anyone at any point of their claim. This includes people who are calling in order to make an application for a loan, through to people who need to talk about an existing loan – and they also deal with complaints. Regardless of your issue with the scheme, the Budgeting Loan number team will be able to offer assistance.

Who is the official site for budgeting loans?

All benefits our delt with by the Gov.uk site and we found the page about budgeting loans here https://www.gov.uk/budgeting-loans/overview

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