ESA Payment Rates

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ESA or ‘Employment Support Allowance’ is awarded to ill or disabled claimants who are either unable to work and are in need of financial support or are able to work yet require personal assistance.

The amount of ESA you receive is determined by your personal circumstances, Employment and Support Allowancehowever to make the process easier applicants are divided into two deciding groups, which are:

  1. Work-related groups
  2. Support groups

Both of which are decided based upon a ‘Work Capability Assessment’- this is as the name suggests a ways to ascertain if and to what extent an individual is able to enter into employment.

ESA Payment Brackets

Once eligibility for ESA is decided there are different levels of payment, depending on the following factors:

The initial 13-weeks are typically paid at a rate of:

  • Up to £57.35 if aged under 25 years old
  • 25yrs + can receive up to £72.40 per week

Depending on which group you fall into the rate following week 13 would commonly be:

  • Up to £101.15 for those within ‘work-related activity groups’
  • Up to £108.15 for claimants in ‘support groups’

ESA payments are direct

ESA payments (as with most benefits) are made directly into the claimant’s bank, building society or credit union account – payments are typically made every 2 weeks.

Can ESA be paid into a Post Office Account?

Post Office Card Accounts are specifically designed for benefits, state pensions bank-17816_1920and tax credits – they do not handle additional income e.g. your salary.

Opening a Post Office account is easy, all you will need is a proof of ID and proof of where you are living e.g. a recent utility bill. It is also important to contact your local benefits office to inform them of your intentions.

Don’t have an account in place?

There are sometimes circumstances when claimants do not have an account in place. If you do not have a bank, building society, credit union or post office account ready please contact your local benefits office. Further details are easily obtainable by calling the ESA helpline number provided – lines are open from 8am until 6pm on a Monday to Friday.

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