Ofcom Brings Clearer Call Fees this 1st July to Take Away Confusion

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

Not all calls made are cost-free. There’s no need to worry if you will be calling 08 numbers since you will recognize the call cost. Gone were the days when you don’t have any idea about the cost of your phone call. It is all thanks to the instructions made by “Ofcom”.

Service Numbers
Callers use ‘service numbers’ every day yet the cost of doing has never been clear to understand. The good news is, callers will know how much they’ll pay before dialing a number, and this will start on July 1, 2015. Quite simply call costs are set to be broken up into two components, The ‘access charge’ and the ‘service charge’ Both elements will show up on your bill.

Access Charge + Service Charge = Total Call Cost
The difference between the ‘access charge’ and the ‘service charge’ is that the former goes to your phone service provider while the latter is set by the company you are calling. FREE-to-Phone from both landline and mobile is exactly what 0800 & 0808 FREEPHONE all about. Let’s take particular notice at the figures.

Current Call Costs
0800 & 0808 = For landlines, it is free. But to some mobiles, it might take some fees. 7p-40p/min is the usual cost.

01 & 02 (geographic numbers) = There’ll be a call set-up fee that needs to be paid other than 9p/min for landlines and 8p-40p/min for mobiles.

03 = Not like 0800 & 0808, these are included in cost-free mobiles and landline offers. The typical fee for these will be around 01 or 02. buy 0370 number

0845 = It will cost 5p-40p/min for cellular phone users. A set-up payment along with 1p-12p/min will be paid by landline users.

0870 = Besides the set-up fee, mobile costs 5p-40p/min while 10p/min for the landlines.

0871/2/3 = The fee for mobiles is 5p-40p/min. 11p-15p/min will be the charged for landlines with the installation fee.

09 = Usually, it charges 9p and £1.69 per minute. For some landline providers, they will charge £2.95 per minute. Furthermore, 75p up to £3 per minute is the expected cost for mobile users.

118 = 50p up to £4 one-off charge is expected to landline and mobile phone users. What’s more, an additional charge of up to £5 per minute should be paid.

Bear in mind these current charges. However, it might be a little confusing on your part for sure. This is where Ofcom’s presentation of clear costs comes into play.

Calling all businesses.
If you are a business owner, it is necessary that you are fully mindful of what the approaching Ofcom legislation will mean to you, especially if you use a 08, 09 or 118 number. If you make use of these numbers there are some essential steps you will have to take which are:

Step 1. You should take some time learning the effects of the changes to your company. It will help if you’ll speak to your phone number provider.

Step 2. Know the authenticity of all the fees. Asking the TCP would be beneficial.

Step 3. Consider changing your phone number(s) if you discovered that the charges are unfair enough.

Step 4. Try to see if all the call charges are still suitable and available by doing some research. Nonetheless, Ofcom advised everyone to remember this:

‘Calls cost up [or XP per minute] plus your phone company’s access charge’.

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