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Social Fund contact numberSocial funds are used to help people who have a low income. The money can be used to pay for essential things. The smallest amount that can be given is £100. These loans are not charged interest; thus, you only pay back the amount that you borrowed. There is a payment duration that you are given to ensure that you have cleared the loan, this is 104 weeks. The payment that you make will come from your benefit, and you will have to find Social Fund contact number and call them if you stop getting the benefits so that you can arrange another way in which you can pay for the loan.

Calling the Social Fund contact number to see if you qualify for money

You can apply to get the funds if you have been getting benefits that are income-related for at least duration of 26 weeks. Even when you apply for the loan, you should be getting the benefits. The amount of money that you get will depend on whether you are single, married, and if you have children. The other thing that is considered before you get the loan is whether or not you can pay back. If you are applying for these funds, you need to have savings of about £1,000 or £200 if you have a partner who is above the age of 62 years. Note that with the social funds you cannot be given a loan of above £1,500.

Phoning the Social Fund contact number about payments

Social Fund phone numberIf you qualify for the loan, the payment will be made directly in your back account. Ensure that you have an active account before you apply for the loan. You do not have to visit the office headquarters so that you get the loan, go to the site of the organization and download the SF500 form and fill it out. Once you fill it out, mail it and wait for 15 working days for the form to be
processed. If there is anything that you are not sure about when you are filling the form, find the Social Fund contact number and call them. The care help desk will assist you in filling the form and ensure that everything that is required has been filled.

Complaining via the Social Fund contact number

If you are not content with the decisions that were made, you have to write to the Jobcentre Plus before 28 days are over. In the letter, you have to tell them why you think the decision was wrong. Once you write the letter, they will review the application again and find out if they had made a mistake.
It is not assured that you will get the loan after the review; this is the reason that you have to be cautious when filling in the form, ensure that everything that has been written down is correct, it is very disappointing to miss the fund due to an error. Before sending the form, make sure that everything is clear, use the Social Fund contact number and ask anything that you are not clear.

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