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A direct Statutory Sick Pay contact number such as is the ideal choice for those wishing to speak to a dedicated and knowledgeable SSP adviser. Before exploring some of the most common reasons people have for contacting a member of the Statutory Sick Pay team it is essential to outline what SSP actually is.

So, what is Statutory Sick Pay?

Statutory Sick Pay, also known as SSP is generally awarded to employed claimants who are too ill to attend work. SSP is usually paid by an employer if an employee is off sick for more than 4 consecutive days but less than 28 weeks. Please note that the first 3 days are often referred to as ‘waiting days’.

Who doesn’t usually get SSP?

SSP contact numberIt is important to be aware that there are claimants who may not be eligible for SSP, for instance:

  • Those in receipt of Social Security Benefits (within the last 57 days)
  • Applicants aged over 65 years old
  • Those who have paid less than the lower National Insurance threshold
  • Applicants who are not working under the contract of an employer
  • Pregnant employees in receipt of Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance
  • Employees on strike
  • Prisoners

If you are unsure whether you fall into one of these categories or would simply like to discuss your situation why not call the Statutory Sick Pay contact number?

If you are not eligible for SSP an alternative option to explore is ESA (Employment and Support Alowance) – this is also applicable if your SSP is due to end. Please note that applying for ESA requires an SSP1 form – obtainable from your employer.

Eligibility for SSP

As you would expect there is specific criteria which must be met before a successful SSP claim can be accepted. For your convenience we have listed the criteria which must typically be adhered to.

SSP phone numberSuccess claimants should:

  • Earn a minimum of £111 per week (before tax)
  • Be an official employee and have carried out work for the said employer
  • Have been ill for a consecutive 4 days inclusive of non-working days)
  • Inform their employer of their situation by set deadlines or within 7-days if internal dates are not in place
  • It is possible for agency workers to apply for SSP

Claiming Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Applying for SSP requires written notification given to your employer (should they request it), alternatively it is vital to inform them by the 7-day deadline.

If off work sick for more than 7 days you will usually require a sick note (also known as a fit note). Sick/Fit Notes are issued by GPs or hospital doctors and provide an official proof of sickness or return to work (& under what conditions).

SSP Payment Amount

statutory-sick-pay-contact-numberSSP is typically paid for a set amount of time at £87.55 per week.

HMRC Call Forwarding to the Helpline

There are occasions when you may have cause to appeal against an SSP decision, for example if your employer is not forthcoming with relevant information.

In such cases you may like to call the HMRC helpline which can also be reached via the SSP contact number provided. Lines are available from 8am until 5pm on a Monday to Friday.

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