Universal Credit

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Before exploring the main reasons people have for calling the Universal Credit contact number, it is important to establish what Universal Credit actually is.

Universal Credit contact numberLaunched in 2013 Universal Credit is a welfare benefit designed to support those who are unemployed or on low incomes. As you may be aware, Universal Credit is slowly being introduced into the UK, area-by-area. It was the, ‘Department of Work and Pensions’ that first announced guidelines for the new Universal Credit scheme.

Despite not being completely active in all areas the emergence of Universal Credit is steadily increasing – to find out if it is due to operate in your area please call the Universal Credit contact number.

Universal Credit Eligibility

As with the majority of benefits eligibility for Universal Credit rests on your individual circumstances, however there is also basic criteria which must be adhered to. Many people prefer to discuss such personal details directly – this can be done by calling the Universal Credit contact number.

If you are not in fact eligible for Universal Credit or if it is not yet active in your area, it is still possible to apply for Jobseeker Allowance amongst other benefits.

For a quick guide to the locations currently offering Universal Credit click onto www.gov.uk/jobcentres-where-you-can-claim-universal-credit

How to Claim Universal Credit

Claiming Universal Credit is simple and in most cases you will be informed if your current benefit arrangements are due to transfer to the Universal Credit scheme.

It is possible to apply for Universal Credit online via www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit.

Need advice completing your online application?

The Universal Credit helpline is available for those who require guidance when completing Universal Credit registration online. You can call the Universal Credit helpline via the contact number.

Speeding your Universal Credit application

Having relevant information to hand prior to applying for Universal Credit can significantly speed the process. Essential details include:

  • Universal Credit phone numberNational Insurance Number
  • Details of savings/capital
  • Details of other benefits you are currently receiving
  • Your rent agreement (if you have one)
  • Your postcode
  • Details of the bank, building society or post office you would like the Universal Credit to be paid into
  • Information regarding any other forms of income

The average Universal Credit claim takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete.

Universal Credit Payments

If your Universal Credit application is successful, first payments are usually made within 1 month, 7 days of the application. Payments are typically paid directly into a bank, building society or post office account. The amount you receive depends on your individual circumstances.

Online Calculators

Obtaining an estimate for the amount you may be eligible for is always handy and thankfully there an online calculator to help you do just that. Simply click onto www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators for your user-friendly guide to possible entitlement.

Please note that you may have difficulty using the online calculator if:

  • Universal Credit numberYou are under 18 years old
  • Living outside the UK
  • A prisoner
  • A student
  • Living in a nursing home or residential care
  • Not a British or Irish citizen
  • You are on strike

If you fall into any of these categories but would like more details you can find out more via Jobcentre Plus or by calling the Universal Credit contact number.

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